†* Automated Paint Spray-Booths

†* Palletizing Systems

†* Plastic Injection Molding

†* High-Speed Pouch Filling Machines

†* Hydraulic Press Controls

†* Automatic Assembly Equipment

†* Hydraulic Cushion Controls

†* Robotic/automated part handling

†* Rotary Indexers

†* Screw Machines

†* Sheeters (metal & paper)

†* Transfer Machining Lines

†* Milling Machines

†* Food Packaging Equipment

Metal Working

†* Automatic Assembly Equipment

†* Rotary Balancing Machinery

†* Boring Machines

†* Broaching

†* Carton Packaging

†* Conveyor Systems

†* Drilling Machines

†* Production Grinders

†* Hardeners

†* Gear Hobs

†* Cylinder Honing

†* Metal Lathes



Regardless of the type of machine, if you need motion controlled,

Valley Motion Control can help!

Motion Control Consulting & EngineeringValley Motion Control, LLC

Machinery Motion Control and Automation Solutions for American Manufacturing

Paper Converting

†* High-Speed Printing

†* High-Speed Packaging

†* High-Speed Labeling

†* High-Speed Rewinding

†* Registered Print Control

†* Rotary Shears



†* Log Saws





†* and many others!



†††††† * Extensive experience in servo controls, PLC's, CNCís, and drive systems

†††††† * Solid understanding of machinery mechanics and dynamics, as well as electrics

†††††† * Controls always designed with safety first

†††††† * Complete systems, from design concept to successfully completed projects

†††††† * Machining, material handling, paper converting, process control; OEMís & End Users

†††††† * Know-how to make systems and machinery work correctly and reliably, know the costs when they donít

†††††† * Experienced at optimization of existing equipment, higher productivity, less waste

†††††† * Expert problem-solving and troubleshooting, with a reputation for quality service




Networking: EtherNet, EtherNetIP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, EtherCAT, ProfiBus, SERCOS, others.


Drives: AC & DC Servo, Flux Vector, frequency, Linear motors, steppers, AC & DC spindle drives.


Feedback devices: Encoders (linear and rotary, absolute, high-res, BiSS, EnDat), resolvers, Faran scales, magneto-wave (temposonic), dancers, load cells, thermocouples, flowmeters, tach generators, limit switches, proximity switches, photo-eyes, ultrasonic proxís, edge detectors, registration mark detectors, others.




At Valley Motion Control, success is expected!† Why?† Maybe its because the machine or process is thoroughly understood, or maybe its the strong visualization that allows potential problems to surface early, or the attention paid to the details throughout the process, or the time spent communicating, making sure that your needs are fully understood.† And itís because we are very good at what we do, and that we care about your business as much as we do ours.† No lying, misleading, or covering up to get a sale.† No big list of add-on charges to get the results you expect.† If it wonít work the way you need it to, at the production rates you need it to, and at a cost you can afford, you will know it up front, while there is still time to stop or change directions.† Honesty and integrity can be expected in all phases of each project.† Time after time, the final result is machinery that operates as promised, on-time and in-budget.† Itís what you should expect.† Itís what you will get.